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Our Story

Spanning more than four decades, BLM Technologies has specialized in a wide spectrum of total technology solutions across many diverse industries. We made it one of our missions to provide strategic audiovisual (AV) solutions that drive businesses forward, and with decades of technology expertise fueling us, we’ve been able to provide for our customers in ways that few others can. That includes end-to-end technology support — from initial hardware guidance and professional installation to ongoing maintenance and repair service. We may be four decades in, but we’re just getting started.

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Our Capabilities

Our goal is to help businesses succeed. With our unique IT solutions, we’re able to serve ten diverse industries, including financial, healthcare, government, retail, restaurant, and hospitality. Throughout our history, we’ve focused on developing strategic partnerships with trusted vendors, and thanks to that effort, we’re able to rapidly provide hardware, software, and support to clients anywhere in the United States. We deliver more than 25,000 products to our loyal customers each year, and we manage the repairs of more than half a million pieces of equipment annually. Maybe that’s why nearly 78% of our business comes from repeat customers.

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Our Locations

BLM Technologies is headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, and our three additional U.S. facilities are strategically located to ensure optimal response time when our customers need repair or support to meet their project deadlines. Our customers can rely on us to help make informed decisions about their most important technology investments because we take pride in keeping equipment running at its optimal best.

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Equipment Financing & Leasing

Increase your profitability and maximize your business potential with equipment financing and leasing through Fidelity Bank and BLM Technologies! Whether you’re looking to grow your business, acquire new equipment, or upgrade your hardware, we can tailor a financing solution that works for you. Our program allows you to pay for your equipment as revenue is earned, which enables quicker equipment acquisition for a variety of assets, including projectors, displays, software, hardware, and more. With our flexible payment plans, you have the option to finance 100% of your equipment costs with a possibility to finance soft costs, such as installation and maintenance, to give your business the competitive edge.

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